Web Store FAQs

The Bike Friday Web Store is open 24/7 for you to shop for parts and gear for your Bike Friday. This page is to assist you with relevant information for using our web store.

Shipping and order fulfillment: please see this page for answers to your questions regarding shipping, shipping methods, the store address book, and expediting your order, plus order fulfillment times.

Payment Methods: The Web Store accepts VISA, Mastercard and American Express payment methods. We hope to offer Paypal soon but do not have this available as an option on the store at this time. If you would like to pay for an order via Paypal, you should call us to place your order. Our phone numbers are 541-687-0487 domestic/800-777-0258 international.

Inventory: The Web Store does not update an inventory count at this time, so some items may be out of stock. We will advise you of this typically within one working day. We hope to offer this option in our next update of the store.

Credits: Our internal database does not connect credits you may have for referrals or previous orders to your web store account. We hope to offer this in a future version of the store.

Questions, problems, and assistance: Please contact us by email at ‘webstore@bikefriday.com‘ or via phone. Our phone numbers are 541-687-0487 domestic/800-777-0258 international. Our hours are Mon-Fri 8 to 5:30 PM, Saturdays 9 to 4 PM, Pacific Standard Time (PST -08:00).

We appreciate your business. If you have any concerns, suggestions, or other gear you would like to see in our store, send them to ‘gearblog@bikefriday.com.’

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