The Arkel Dolphin 48 Waterproof Pannier Set

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Fall Close-out Sale

Only 24 hours left on the Bike Friday Web Store Fall close-out sale to reduce inventory on 2014 bags and panniers.  At 20-25%, we want … More»

Nov 6, 2014

Bike Friday Gift Card Set

Inside Bike Friday

Parts and Accessories

Bike Friday Gift Cards for Your Favorite Folding Fan

Not every bike company is lucky enough to have a resident artist create a set of Bike Friday gift cards for your favorite folding fan. … More»

Dec 30, 2013

Dry-Lite Bags

Gear Reviews

Arkel Dry-Lite Bags, the Perfect Light Touring Panniers

Canadian pannier manufacturer Arkel has introduced the Arkel Dry-Lite Bags, rack mounted waterproof pannier bags, the perfect light touring panniers.Arkel discontinued its Tailrider Expedition bag, … More»

Dec 11, 2013

tikit with a TiGR on it's tail.

Gear Reviews

TiGr Makes the Junkyard Dog of Bike Locks

When we received the TiGr titanium bow bike lock, we were understandably intrigued by the rumor that TiGr makes the junkyard dog of bike locks, … More»

Jun 12, 2013